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Celestial Drift Viscose Top 72585


Celestial Drift Viscose Top

Float through your day with the lightness of our Celestial Drift Viscose Top, reminiscent of the soft, serene expanses of the morning sky. This top combines the best of style and serenity, making it an essential addition to your chic wardrobe.

  • Tranquil Sky Blue Hue: Adorned in a tranquil sky blue, this top captures the calmness of dawn's first light, bringing a sense of peace and poise to your ensemble.
  • Silky Viscose Fabric: Luxuriously soft to the touch, the viscose fabric offers a fluid drape that complements the body with a flattering silhouette. Its breathable nature ensures you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Relaxed Sophistication: The top's casual elegance is highlighted by its loose fit, short sleeves, and a refined scoop neckline, making it a versatile piece for any casual or upscale setting.
  • Subtle Distressed Accents: With a gentle nod to contemporary design, the neckline and hem feature delicate distressed detailing that lends an effortlessly chic vibe to the top.
  • Sustainable Fashion: Made with eco-conscious processes, this viscose top represents a commitment to sustainable fashion by reducing environmental impact without compromising on style or quality.

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