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Enchanted Forest Long Viscose Dress 607406


EL-607406 * One Size: Fit 8-16 * LONG VISCOSE DRESS * 100% Viscose

Drift into the graceful world of our Enchanted Forest Long Viscose Dress. This free-flowing, one-size dress designed to fit sizes 8-16 is a testament to effortless style and comfort. Made from 100% viscose, it promises to cascade gently over various silhouettes, making it a perfect choice for a range of body types.

  • Luxuriously Soft: The dress is crafted from 100% viscose, renowned for its silky texture and fluid drape. This fabric choice ensures a luxurious feel against the skin and a flattering fall on the body.
  • Flexible Sizing: Created to embrace versatility, this one-size dress comfortably fits sizes 8-16, ensuring a flattering and adaptable fit for a wide range of body shapes.
  • Subtle Elegance: Available in a range of colors including a serene forest green, the dress features delicate dotted details that lend a touch of understated elegance to this timeless piece.
  • Versatile Design: With a V-neckline and gently ruffled hem, this dress strikes a beautiful balance between casual charm and sophistication. Whether dressed down for a casual event or accessorized for a night out, it's a dress that can transition with ease.
  • Breezy and Beautiful: The lightweight nature of viscose makes this dress a breathable option for warm days or balmy evenings, offering a comfortable yet chic aesthetic.
  • Embrace the allure of our Enchanted Forest Long Viscose Dress, your go-to for a touch of whimsy and a lot of comforts.

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